Google Apps

Let ISTC guide you through the process of adopting, implementing and using Google Apps for Education or Google Apps for Business.  ISTC has three years of experience setting up and managing Google Apps for schools as well as businesses.  We understand the migration process the training and the shift in control from the technology department / persons' to the end user. 

Adopting:  Let us guide you through the technical challenges of migrating your domain and email to Google Apps, we can make sure the process is easy, controlled and non-disruptive to the work flow of your organization.

Implementing: Learn best practices for setting up email, groups, documents and calendars.  ISTC will work with you to understand the needs of your organization and design solutions that meet those needs.  Using Google Apps should make information more readily available, increase organization and allow users flexibility when creating their online workflow experience.

Using:  Great tools are only great if users know how to use them effectively.  ISTC excels at leading workshops for faculty and staff helping them to leverage this powerful set of collaboration tools.  Users will gain a new sense of technical empowerment when using Google Apps, no longer will they have to rely on a "tech" person to help them manage their sharing of files, resources, calendars or connections with other people.  Google Apps is all about empowering the end user!