The best learner today has the ability to leverage a variety of tools and resources tapping into a global network of information, ideas and people.

Technology is integral in almost every aspect of an Independent School; communication and marketing, classroom instruction,  infrastructure, and everything in between.  At times, it can be challenging to see the big picture of effective and successful technology integration and to gain a broad perspective that supports advantageous long-term goals.  

Independent School Technology Consulting has almost 20 years of experience working exclusively with Independent schools.  We understand all aspects of the Independent School world, and how technology, when done properly, can truly be transformative to a school environment.  We can provide support and recommendations for:

  • Adopting Google Apps for Education
  • Social networking in the classroom
  • Technology Professional Development 
  • Twitter 
  • Diigo
  • YouTube
  • Long range technology planning
  • Hardware support and purchasing guidance 
  • Network infrastructure - wireless
  • Mac, PC, Chromebook- variety of software and apps
  • Support and guidance hiring technology staff and directors

We will explore your expectations, develop cost analyses, and develop a customized plan that makes sense for your Independent School.  It will provide your school with the road map for technology integration supported by the 21st century tools it needs to be vibrant and successful.

Please spend some time perusing our site, and as questions arise, we encourage you to contact us with further questions of how we can support your Independent School