Non-Profit and Small Business

Many of the same skills we have learned through working with Independent Schools also lend themselves to the world of Non-Profits and even small businesses.  Leveraging the same tools used by schools for communication, organizing events, and collaboration, Non-Profits and businesses can benefit from the cost savings and reliability found in Google Apps, Twitter, Diggo, YouTube, Chromebooks etc...   

ISTC can also help with new technology purchasing, wireless and network installations and other hardware purchasing decisions, we have over 15 years of hands on experience supporting all aspects of technology in an environment with hundreds of computers, and hundreds more devices brought by students - all of which is easily scalable to other organizations.  We know how to create reliable systems that don't break the bank, and how to utilize some of the best free systems available.

Technology should help you do your job better, keep you connected, organized and visible to your community.