Resources and Links

MindShift is one of my favorite new finds.
Edutopia continues to provide great resources.
TechCrunch is less about education and more about tech.
Mashable is another great tech resource.
Technically Philly is a great local resource about great tech in Philly.
Wired is a classic tech site that still offers great resources and a fresh perspective.
Digital Citizenship Videos - great collection of videos on Digital Citizenship 

Parent Resources 

Below are a few resources regarding parents and technology. Some of the common themes including acting as a positive model and being present and tech-free when spending time with your children, not allowing technology in bedrooms / encouraging use in public spaces in your home, and working to monitor time spent on educational media versus social and entertainment.

From modeling as adults to talking about balance to engaging with the many ways that technology can be a positive presence in kids' lives, suggestions on parenting in a digital age. Liz Perle, editor in chief of Common Sense Media:

The Independent School Association of the Southwest created the following list that has been adopted by many independent schools with which they work. It can be found here:

A reminder from the American Academy of Pediatrics that offering educational media and other forms of media beyond electronic, entertainment or social media is important:

The American Academy of Pediatrics regarding a plan to manage media:

Scott Steinberg, author of The Modern Parent's Guide, talks about the complexities of technology and raising children.

Great list of resources covering a range of topics.