Workshops and Presentations

Parent Workshops

Many parents feel perplexed about the role of technology in the lives of their children and how it is changing the face of education and reshaping our world.  Let us help you develop workshops that help parents navigate this new world, and support their sons and daughters become responsible digital citizens.
  • Online Safety
  • Facebook
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Digital Footprint
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Cell-Phones
21 Century Learning

Let us help frame 21st century learning for your faculty.  We are able to clearly articulate current thinking around learning in a resource rich world, and help guide your faculty in their thinking around how technology should be impacting their learning, and their teaching.  All to often champions of 21st century learning incorporate technology simply for the sake of technology, not fully realizing that the shift is so much bigger than that.  The world we live, work, and compete in should play a key role in shaping the pedagogy, we can help you figure out how this makes sense in your school.

We are happy to tailor workshops and presentations to meet your school's needs.  We excel at figuring out where your school falls on the path to utilizing technology in a way that truly supports your mission. 

The shifting role of Technology Departments 

School technology departments should be undergoing a metamorphosis. Teachers and students are tech savvy, with an expectation that technology is understood and accessible anywhere at any time. Learning is evolving, content is no longer king, and using the collaborative aspects of the Internet for learning is becoming status quo. What is your IT department up to? 

Adopting Google Apps Workshop 

Adopting Google Apps for Education in your school or district has some technical challenges; however, the real shift revolves around how faculty, staff and students can collaborate, create and share information. Traditionally schools have been reluctant to give the “end users” any control over their technology. To fully leverage the benefits of google apps this dated mind set needs to change. Creating a culture of empowered learners takes planning, patience and a desire to release some of the control.

Attendees will be taken through Google’s guide for launching Google Apps for Education, where they will lean different strategies for a successful Google Apps deployment. We will go through the technical integration, outreach plan and launch components of Google’s website.
Next we will focus on creating a digital age learning culture, and the variety of ways that Google Apps for Education supports this model. We will focus on the collaborative nature of these tools, and share some practical examples of how teachers in elementary, middle and upper schools are using documents, sites, groups, email and Google’s calendar to create rich and dynamic learning environments.

Google Apps for Education goes way beyond basic email. Schools that are familiar with a more traditional email solution, like Microsoft Exchange sometimes have a hard time fully utilizing the full suite of tools provided by Google Apps. Helping users re-think how they can share and collaborate in Google is essential to a successful migration. We will share successful models of professional development around Google Apps for Education, and tips for how to create a culture of collaborators.